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There is no free lunch.
Dreams and devotion are what we insist on our road to success.

Just when computerization was at its onset to boom some twenty years ago while most service providers were unable to offer customized services, Dimerco was founded with commitments to render ‘quality, professional, customer-satisfactory services'.

Looking forward to perpetual operations, we have given up hot money but offered the fullest assistances to customers to enable the greatest efficacy of computerization and help them establish absolutely competitive strengths in respective fields. Believing in that the ‘total customer satisfaction is the true success to Dimerco,' words of mouth from customers have witnessed the dreams of Dimerco have finally come true.

The annually rising capital and appraise from fellow businesses mark the accomplishments of our total devotion. Our efforts and dedications are rewarded by winning several Best Dealer Awards and Best Customer Satisfaction Awards from the IBM and the accreditation of the ISO-9001.

The Turn...
Though the initiation of the westward movement has opened a new chapter to the scale of operations, scope of services and the commitments to constant creations of added values of Dimerco; the ambition to perpetual operations, professionals, customized services and the spirit to continuous R&D are always the most important asset and eternal commitments of Dimerco.

Computer technology advances every day. And today's achievements influence tomorrow's growth.
That is why continued growth of corporations relies on a shared Vision.
We have now set our sights on a future that reaches beyond the Taiwan market.

As long as we continue to achieve substantial sales, maintain a positive reputation,
and receive ISO and CMMI Certification, we will realize our dream of delivering “Professional quality and customer satisfaction. “Our future plan is to expand our ”Innovation Development”.
To accomplish this, we will integrate internal and external resources, set up project teams, invest in
innovative research and development, train employees to gain new knowledge and provide the latest
information to customers. It is our mission to assist our clients establish a strong foundation in Taiwan in order to expand into international markets.

Only time will tell if we will be successful. Today, we are, grateful that our customers have giver us the opportunity to work with them. But we are not content with our past achievements.
Our future is tied closely with our customer's future. Out Vision is to welcome the next millennium by integrating resources. We have set our sights on the future and are looking forward to continuing to work together with clients to make our dream come true.