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You, the elite of the time, do join us and make our dream come true !

We highly value the career development of our staff and seek to develop dedicated talents on our training platform so as to create between the employer and the employee a common identification which both sides can strife for.

This is a place worth your lifetime development. We are the leader in the industry with a renowned brand and we provide systematic and advanced training and education and furthermore we have the competitive edge of an enormous clienteles.

If you are ready to face the challenge of the new century, come with us, spread your wing, show your potential and build the future with us.

  Complete labor and health insurance system
  Bonus on : Chinese New Year; Dragon Boat Festival; Mid-Autumn Festival
  Subsidy for marriage, funeral and births
  Bonus from profit pro-rata to yearly business status and personal performance
  Project operation bonus per quarter
  Annual training and education to prepare for promotions
  Free annual physical check
  We have a complete audio-visual library
  Annual pleasure trip for staff and periodic social activities and anniversary fair
  Year end dinner for staff and a merit award for outstanding staff and teams


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