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Quality, Professional and Customer-satisfactory Services.

Listening is always the first step to understand the true needs of customers. Therefore, we see the way they see the operation procedures and we feel the way they feel about their needs; for understanding is the only way to satisfaction.

Instead of juxtaposing all kinds of the most popular applications and the state-of-the-art hardware systems in a box, Dimerco gives life to every process with hardware as its skeleton and software as its soul, in order to offer tailor-made solutions for customers during the realization of its dream of perfect computerization. From familiarizing with the present process of customers to understanding their needs for future expansion, the know-how of Dimerco in project planning has enabled it to offer tailor-made computerization solutions to all businesses.

Hardware and Software Together
As a professional system integrator and service provider, Dimerco possesses the know-how which covers every detail for software system planning and integration and hardware system installation and maintenance. Professionalism is the foundation of Dimerco, and quality is its standard feature. With the fullest services which cover both hardware and software, Dimerco has always been the problem-solver of all clients.